School for young researchers about Modelling and Verifying Parallel processes (MOVEP).
Together with nearly 50 partners from Germany, the ISP studies the integration of different medical devices located in surgery rooms.

René Schönfelder received an award for the best master degree in computer science in the academic year 2011/12 with the top mark 1,0. The award was founded by capgemini. The prize money of 1000 Euro is divided between René Schönfelder and Marcel Poelker who also achieved the top mark.

The ISP offers a seminar in the field of formal methods next semester (WS 2012/13).

The seminar addresses logic, model- and query checking techniques as tools for the formal specification and analysis of state-based models, e.g. of soft- and hardware systems or business processes.

You can find further information on the seminar web page.

Within a software engineering project, ten students of the University of Lübeck develop a booking system for the barque Passat.

Martin Leucker has given an invited tutorial on Runtime Verification and Runtime Reflection at the first european conference of the prognostics and health management society (PHM'12) in Dresden, Germany. Further information on the tutorials can be obtained at PHM's tutorial page.

Für das Bachelorprojekt im Sommersemester 2012 führen wir nochmals eine Vorbesprechung durch. Alle interessierten Studierenden sind herzlich dazu eingeladen.

Datum:Dienstag, 10. April 2012
Uhrzeit:12.00 Uhr
Raum:ISP Besprechungsraum 108

The ISP just acquired funding for maintaining its cooperation with the Université de Paris 7 (Diderot) and the LSV at the ENS Cachan. The grant provided by the DAAD supports our project LeMon in 2012 and 2013. The scope of Lemon is on learning monitors for reengineering applications.


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