Institute for Software Engineering and Programming Languages
Universität zu Lübeck – Building MFC II
Maria-Goeppert-Str. 3
D-23562 Lübeck

Tel.:  +49 451 3101-6500
E-Mail: office [at]



Universität zu Lübeck
Ratzeburger Allee 160
D-23562 Lübeck

Tel.:  +49 451 3101-0
Fax:  +49 451 3101-1014



To Lübeck by car

  • from Hamburg or Puttgarden via Autobahn A 1 (exit Lübeck-Genin or -Zentrum)
  • from Berlin via Autobahn A 24 (exit Hornbek)
  • from Rostock via Autobahn A 20 (exit Groß Sarau)
  • from Ratzeburg via Bundesstraße B 207

from Kiel, Bad Segeberg via Bundesstraße B 206

To Lübeck by air

  • direct flight to Lübeck Airport (LBC) (a.k.a. Lübeck-Blankensee a.k.a. Hamburg-Lübeck)
  • via Hamburg Airport (HAM), then to Lübeck:
    • subway (S-Bahn) to Hamburg Central Station,
    • then local train (RE) or Intercity Express (ICE) to Lübeck Hbf

To Lübeck University, Building 64 (Computer Science)

By car:

  • Building 64 is only reachable via Mönkhofer Weg (western side of the university/hospital campus)
  • south-bound: direction B 207 Ratzeburg / Flughafen Blankensee, then Mönkhofer Weg, direction “Universität“/“Universitätskliniken”/ “Fachhochschule”
  • by car, north-bound: direction “Zentrum“,
  • Visitor parkings can be reached from entrance "Mönkhofer Weg".
  • Building 64 is next to the emergency hospitalization (“Notaufnahme”)

By bus from Lübeck Hbf/ZOB:

  • Leave the central station (main entrance, taxi stop)
  • Go straight: traffic light, pedestrian tunnel (follow the the majority). You reach the central bus station Lübeck ZOB.
  • Take bus No. 9 or No. 1 on Track 5, exit at station “Fachhochschule”.
  • Cross the street to go left.
  • Right in front of the gate barrier, go right on Marie-Curie-Straße and follow the street.
  • Building 64 is the last one on the right-hand side.