MoVE – Modular Validation Environment for Medical Device Networks

In the last years, the integration and networking of medical devices have become an indispensable part of modern operation rooms. The market is currently characterized by closed solutions from international manufactures, so that market access for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the medical technology field is quite limited.

The aim of the project is therefore, the further development of test tools, that support the accreditation and certification process of networked medical devices in operation rooms in compliance with the IEEE 11073 SDC standard family and help the SMEs to bring their products into the market. This standard family consist of the following three standards:

  • MDPWS: IEEE 11073, Part 20702: Medical Devices Communication Profile for Web Services
  • BICEPS: IEEE 11073, Part 10207: Domain Information and Service Model for Service-Oriented Point-of-Care Medical Device Communication
  • SDC: IEEE 11073, Part 20701: Standard for Service-Oriented Medical Device Exchange Architecture and Protocol Binding

The developed ISP-Tool, that verifies whether a Device Under Test (DUT) complies with the hard requirements defined in the IEEE 11073 SDC family and underlying standards, is the SDC Requirement Test Module (SDC-RTM).


The SDC-RTM is a Docker container server which can connect to a specific medical device in an SDC network. The tool generates an XML Report and a human-readable version in an HTML file.
You may download and run the current version. Please visit the SDC-RTM website.


If you have further questions, problems regarding how to use the software, feel free to contact David Caraveo.


OR.NET – Safe Interconnection of Medical Devices in Operation Rooms