Green Navigation

Green Navigation

Green Navigation is a prototypic system to compute energy-optimal routes and to predict the remaining crusing range for electric vehicles. It consists of a central server that carries out the computations and various client front-ends accessing the services provided by this server. It uses freely available OpenStreetMap geospatial data and NASA altitude maps.

There are two parts of the project: The frontend is published and developed open source. You can learn more about that project at The second part is the development of sophisticated models and algorithms. Even though this part is not open source, you can still try out the prototype (which only includes the map of bavaria) at

The routing system can be used for the development of further features, such as online navigation, fleet management, inter-modal routing and many more. Our goal is to find innovative solutions to these problems in order to improve sustainability in transportation.

The GreenNav System was initiated by Martin Leucker and Martin Sachenbacher at the Technische Universität München (TUM). After the first prototype was ready for testing, the project migrated to the University of Lübeck for further development. Various student projects with overall more than 50 students have contributed to it since 2009.

For more information, please contact Rene Schönfelder or Martin Leucker.

For Developers

You are very welcome to participate in the open source project at If you are a student at the ISP, then you may get registered to our project management site at It contains further information for working on Green Navigation and its subprojects.