Formal Methods for Trustworthy AI-based Autonomous Systems

Image Shonan Village

Workshop organized by the National Institute of Informatics, Japan (Ichiro Hasuo), the University of Oslo, Norway (Einar Broch Johnsen) and the University of Lübeck, Germany (Martin Leucker)

The automation of functions in smart, autonomous cyber-physical systems already affect our society in many application domains such as autonomous driving, robotics, industrial IoT and smart manufacturing, smart medical devices and healthcare, and smart energy grids.

The aim of this seminar is to get some fundamental insights to FM for AI. Leading researchers in FM and machine learning/AI will give mini-tutorials on topics such as
„Formal modelling languages capable of expressing key properties related to trustworthiness of AI-based autonomous systems with learning components“ or „Novel methods to enforce correctness requirements both during design and at runtime to achieve overall autonomic correctness, including properly balancing between them“